Urban Tactics Fire Seminar

By UrbanFireTraining (other events)

Tuesday, July 19 2022 5:00 PM 7:00 PM CDT

Capt Brian Butler (Trenton NJ) returns to Dallas Ft Worth area for his Urban Fire Tactics Seminar. This realistic, relevant, beneficial, and street experienced based presentation covers two hours of engine/truck ops without all the bullshit and modern day fire service propaganda. The focus will be creating and building on the mindset of an aggressive firefighter, proactive boss, sizeup hawk, forecasting danger ahead, behind, above and below. Expanding situational awareness and second nature actions during engine and truck operations at working fires. This seminar will be 120 minutes of non stop tactical considerations, methods, decision making, and conducting tasks instantly when conditions change. The myths will be exposed and countered, and various methods of performing numerous tasks will be demonstrated using video, making this one of the best virtual seminars. On the fireground, we want less compliant robots and more critical thinking firefighters who want successful outcomes by any means necessary.